Small Business Web Site Design and Marketing - Element 8 Design

We have been building websites now for over 15 years and have seen Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress grow dramatically with thousands of high quality plugins and themes.  Which has drastically reduced the cost of a website for small businesses from 10’s of thousands of dollars to thousands for the same quality website.  

Also there has been many website builders like that smaller business try to build their own websites upon.  Now if you don’t have a business yet or can only spend a couple hundred dollars that may be a decent option.  Although when i refer to a small business I am thinking everything from a retail, restaurant, professional & creative services. They conduct business and have a budget for their online marketing, and can’t afford to have a bad quality website presence online. 

Thankfully over the years with WordPress to produce a hight quality website for a reasonable price is now in the reach of small businesses.  Along with online marketing through, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google a small company truly has the ability to market their business unlike ever in history.  

Although, in order to do this it is important to find a good web agency that can help you with this process. One that can work with you on your overall brand as well as online marketing.  While we have worked with large companies we are also good at working with small to medium sized business and making you noticed in your local area.  Contact us so we can discuss your project and to see if we would be a good fit for you and your company.